WE ARE ELECTRIC - (Forthcoming)


VENUE: The University of Queensland Art Museum

18/02/2023 - 24/06/2023

ARTISTS: Michaela Gleave, Haines and Hinterding, Taloi Havini, Cameron Robbins, George Hairbrush Tjungurrayi, Elise Rasmussen and more to be announced.

CURATOR: Anna Briers 

We Are Electric is an exhibition about energy: its bodily and planetary flows, its politics of extraction and exchange. From the frequencies that zip between our cells—communicating with our heart and telling it to beat—to the electromagnetic fields that encompass the Earth and all its rhythms. Our bodies resonate in concert with the planet and its vibrations: we are quite simply, electric beings.
Questions around energy futures and the pathways to decarbonisation are vital to our time. The settler-colonial lineages of extraction have produced a new geological epoch known as the Anthropocene, irrevocably altering the fragile ecology of our 4.5-billion-year-old planet in a mere two centuries. We find ourselves in an existential moment, placed the crossroads of a climate emergency.
In this exhibition, artists harness renewable energy resources such as solar, wind power and biofuels. They conjure electromagnetic forces, ambient currents, and the invisible energy fields of ancestral Country. They register and articulate weather patterns, translate data flows and evoke soundings of the Earth. We Are Electric is a call for recalibration and equilibrium with planetary and non-human systems. Attentive to the vibrancy of matter, it reinforces the interconnected nature of all things.

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Image: Cameron Robbins, Double Wormhole solar drawing, 240 x 120cm, 9 days, silver ink on paper.