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This page is a static archive of content drawn from We Met Online, the first web-based iteration of the Conflict in My Outlook exhibition series, followed by Don't Be Evil. The project took the form of a curated program of video works, interactive artworks, essays, interviews and contextual texts on a dedicated online platform. To learn more, see the publication below.


The Internet has been described as a cloud, a network, a civic space, an archive, an information superhighway, a urinal, a supermarket, and a brothel. All are at once fitting and failed analogies. In our hyper-mediated world, we are drowning in an ocean of images and information, and data has been classified as the new oil.

Conflict in My Outlook is a response to the recent and dramatically changed socio-political conditions spawned by networked technologies. With reference to the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica scandal that emerged in 2018, and launching amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this exhibition reveals the slippage between our online and offline lives that has never been more acute.

Conflict in My Outlook investigates the way the Internet mediates and shapes social relations and ideas. It highlights the erosion of boundaries between online and offline, public and private. It foregrounds the Internet as a source of both human connection and societal division, illuminating the precarious nature of reality in an era of fake news, post-truth politics, and echo chambers of disinformation.

Departing from the utopian ideals of early Internet culture to its current dystopian realities, Conflict in My Outlook examines the power dynamics embedded into the networked technologies we use every day. It asks: What will become of our privacy in the context of data mining, Artificial Intelligence and weapons-grade surveillance capitalism? Are data rights human rights? Is there an alternative network?



VENUE: The University of Queensland (UQ) Art Museum (online exhibition)

21/08/2020 - 01/03/2022

ARTISTS: Zach Blas, Natalie Bookchin, Chicks on Speed, Xanthe Dobbie, Sean Dockray, Kate Geck, Elisa Giardina Papa, Matthew Griffin, Kenneth Macqueen, Daniel Mckewen, Zach Blas &

Jemima Wyman.


CURATOR: Anna Briers 

11_DANIEL MCKEWEN_50.8x33.87cm.png

Exhibition essay previously published on the dedicated web-platform We Met Online.




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